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unEXPECTed Surprises!

This past weekend was all about unexpected surprises, one of the biggest of which was when Jacob was married to Leah rather than Rachel in Genesis 29. Jacob, the ultimate trickster, had been tricked himself. Like Jacob, the unexpected surprises in our life aren’t unforeseen by the Lord, no matter how far out of left field they

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The Lord’s Ladder

After a great start to the weekend at the Men’s Retreat in Indian Wells, we finished out the weekend by studying Genesis 28 in ourladder.  The best part about the Lord’s ladder is that it’s not designed for you to climb. You don’t grow closer to the Lord by climbing higher or trying harder, but

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Labor Day Weekend

God loves imperfectionists! … That was the freeing message that Mike Foster shared with Horizon this weekend. He pointed out that God intended us to be made in His image, to live in community, and that everyone has a story to offer.  As Mike shared his story with Horizon, we were encouraged to share our

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