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Homecoming Weekend at Horizon

It was definitely a big victory at the Homecoming get together this weekend at Horizon. The courtyard was full and the people were happy as we celebrated everything that the Lord did this last year. From the Ministry Review Video to the Ministry tables, and the Horizon Prep mascot Judah the lion, everything was done

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In this past weekend services we were all challenged to Tap Out. After wrestling through the night with God, Jacob tapped out in Genesis 32. He reached the point where he knew he couldn’t do it anymore. As we dug into the chapter together we looked at Jacob’s ultimate prayer of surrender, and what a

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Left Right, Left Wrong

When you look back on your life you can pinpoint the moments in your life when you’ve left right, and when you’ve left wrong. This weekend we looked at the life of Jacob in Genesis 30 and 31, specifically the moments when he left Laban’s land and headed home. And it’s not just about leaving

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